Road network

Creation of a loop road which links to Lower Rainham Road via a right turn lane.

Pump Lane will be re-aligned at the southern end, stopping people from using it as a short cut and minimising rat-running.

Parking will be provided in accordance with Medway Council requirements.

Pedestrian Movement

The scheme will provide new pedestrian and cycle routes, connecting to the existing local network.

A perimeter footpath will be created around the entire site allowing pedestrians to enjoy the countryside and small natural swales. 

The loop road will also include a pavement and cycle route along its entire length.

Sustainable Travel

We will encourage sustainable transport methods, such as walking and cycling, as much as possible throughout the development. Sustainable Travel

Siting of the school close to the village heart, local centre and existing village of Lower Rainham.

Providing employment opportunities within and close to the local centre.

Allowing for new bus stops around the loop road, within easy walking distance of the new homes.

A network of footpaths and cycle ways linking the different uses and neighbourhoods within the area, allowing safe and easy movement around the village.

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