Environmental Statement

You can read the Appellant’s Environmental Statemen(dated 22nd Sept 2020) from this page.

Screening opinion and response
Scoping Report Rainham, August 2018
Statement of Competence
Supplementary Statement of Competence
Transport Assessment
Transport Assessment Addendum
Transport Assessment technical note
Framework Travel Plan
Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
Air Quality Impact Assessment Approach (AQIA)
Air Quality Impact Assessment supplement
Traffic Data for AQIA
Future Year Emission Calculations
Model Verification
DEFRA Background Concentrations
Wind Rose, Gravesend
Predicted Pollutant Concentrations
Agricultural Land Classification and Soils Resources
Farm Business Financial Viability report
Farm Business Issues and Constraints
Loss of Agricultural Land Rebuttal
Archeology Desk-Based Assessment
Paleolithic Desk Based Assessment
Heritage Setting Assessment
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
Bat Activity Transect Surveys
Badger Monitoring Surveys
Breeding Birds Survey
Reptile Survey
Great Crested Newt eDNA Testing
Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy
Surface Water Drainage Strategy addendum
Phase 1 Ground Conditions Assessment
Ordnance Survey Plan
Flood Data Plan
Consolidated Environmental Statement: Non-Technical Summary
Consolidated Environmental Statement: Figures
Consolidated Environmental Statement: Main Text
Overall Access Strategy and Key Network
Proposed Right Turn Lane Lower Rainham Road
Northern Pump Lane crossing arrangement
Southern Local Access / Spine Road Junction 
Pump Lane Proposed Railway Bridge Improvements

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